Monday, April 13, 2009

Craigslist Furniture

I'm trying to get all the pictures up of the furniture for the Cragislist ad (you can see the ad by clicking HERE), but am having difficulty with Craigslist. Well, for now, here are the picture of most (and the plants) that I listed on Craigslist.

HEADBOARD (dimensions 77" wide, 25.5" height, 10.5" deep): Entire front of it. Hard to see, but the mirror has etchings on it. The view from the mirror shows my bed:

Right side of the headboard showing the cabinet closed:

Cabinet open (there is one on both sides of the headboard):

You can see the extra space between the cabinet and the top here where books or other things can go:

Dining Room Table and Four Chairs. Measurements of top of table: 42" x 53" (WITHOUT the leaf). The leaf adds almost another 18" to make it almost 71" long). We had taken it apart for the move, but then realized we can't take my beloved table (I LOVE this table!)... here is the top of it:

Here is the leaf that makes it even bigger (oval / oblong):

With the table comes 4 chairs. Here is one of them (the green seats I purchased separately, but you can have them):

The bottom of the table and showing one leg so you get the idea of how the table would look when you put it back together:

My Baby Plant (VERY hard to part with) is approximately 90" from the top of the soil to the last leaf which actually touches the ground from where you see in the pic below. I've been growing it for several years. It needs to be re-potted.

Snake or Mother-In-Law's Tongue Plant. Is a couple years old. Needs re-potting... see pic below:

Recliner. Blue and comfy! See below:

Computer Table. I guess that's what this is called. It pulls out as you can see.

2 Night End Tables. One is scratched as you can see in the picture. Right now they are used in my bedroom to hold up my headboard that you saw in the pictures above. They've come in handy and each have a good sized drawer. Picture below:

Desk. Has three drawers on left side with one main drawer on right. Is scratched up but very usable. Measurements are 40" x 20.5" with height at 29.75":

Multipurpose Table. Measurements are: almost 29" in height, 46" x 35" (with both leaves / sides down, it is 46" x 19"). Great table for just about anything. It can be a dining table, a study table, a table for various projects, can be used for your computer, your child's homework, etc.... picture shows with both sides UP:

Dr. Scholl's Toe-Touch Foot Spa. Been used 3 times. Not taking it with us on the move. It has the instruction manual and all pieces. The model is DR6622. I forgot to take pictures of the extra parts. They are in bags and are used for various kinds of foot massages. If you click HERE you can read about it on Amazon. See below:

If you are interested in any of these furniture pieces, go to the Craigslist ad and email me through there. The headboard is a very heavy piece and you will need help to come pick it up if that's the piece you are interested in. I have set prices you can see on Craigslist except for the foot spa and the plants.

- Tamara Slack